Rent an electrical mountain bike in Mazarron

Electric bikes are booming, and it’s easy to see why. Pedal assistance makes the experience of cycling accessible to anyone. But don’t let the sporty ones be scared: each person can choose the level of effort they want to put into their pedaling, making it an experience adapted to all physical abilities.
While with a normal bike you are limited to covering shorter distances, electric bicycles usually have a range of around 50 km. It’s almost like riding a motorcycle, but you get some exercise and ride in places that are not always accessible to vehicles.

Which places can be visited?

Calas de Bolnuevo / Bolnuevo’s coves and beaches

As a “basic” suggestion we can recommend two routes. The first one, starting from Sosiego and pedaling to Bolnuevo, where the tour begins along the dirt road (closed to motor vehicles) through the wildest and most natural coves in the area. From Bolnuevo to the beach of Percheles you will be able to enjoy the different paradisiacal and little frequented beaches that with the Sierra de las Moreras in the background make up the landscape during the whole route.

In this map you can see the whole route of Calas de Bolnuevo:

One of the coves of Bolnuevo, riding an mountain ebike

Santa Elena’s Tower, La Azohía

The second “basic” route is from Sosiego to Torre de Santa Elena, in La Azohía. To leave you can use the bike path that runs along the promenade of Puerto de Mazarrón, reaching the area of Alamillo and taking the road leading to Isla Plana. When leaving the Isla Plana town, in front of the campsite, you can take a dirt road that goes off to the left (where the campsite containers are) and go down towards the sea, where we will find a little known promenade that reaches the Azohía. Once there we can reach the end and go up the dirt slope that ends at the Torre Santa Elena, where we can enjoy beautiful views of the entire bay.

In this map you can see the whole route of the Torre Santa Elena, La Azohía:

Other tracks

Other very interesting routes around Puerto de Mazarrón can be:

Rambla del cañar: Beautiful route through this valley that has a track in good condition, abundant vegetation and even a small water source. It passes under Peñas Blancas, the peculiar mountain that presides over the bay of Mazarrón.

Campillo de Adentro to Castillitos: small mountain pass that runs through the natural environment of Cabo Tiñoso, ending in Castillitos, a medieval-style fortress with stunning views over the bay of Cartagena.

Mines of Mazarrón and the greenway: Route to the mines of Mazarrón, where the old railroad track, reconverted into a greenway, starts.

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