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What will I find in the Mazarron's abandoned Mines?

You will find a landscape that looks like science fiction. Like in a movie. In fact, some productions such as music videos, short films or scenes of some films have been recorded there. And it doesn’t surprise me. Going through these landscapes evoke in us some kind of post-apocalyptic scenario due to its large number of abandoned and ruined buildings.

Not to mention the surreal color of the earth, in which there is a multitude of ocher tones that give the impression of walking on another planet.

If you ever imagined the surface of Mars, you certainly imagined it similar to this landscape. In addition, you can find some small red or yellow lagoons in which this peculiar landscape is reflected.

The entire mining complex is huge, so you can spend some hours walking around and discovering every corner. No need to say, it is a paradise for photography lovers.

Multitude of forms and colors in the sand, constructions and abandoned machinery such as wooden castles that allow the extraction of materials. Vegetation covering what one day the man built. Crows and other birds flying over constantly, several mountains from which to explore different perspectives, red sunsets over the mountains, etc.


This landscape is a goldmine for photography entusiasts, they would feel like a little kid in an amusement park. Although anyone can enjoy a route through the mines of Mazarrón, hiking around and discovering this peculiar landscape that is difficult to find anywhere else.

Everything is outdoors, there is no way to access to the interior of the mine.

It is one of the most emblematic abandoned places in the Region of Murcia, which, in addition, does not have regulated access, therefore, it is free.

-Precautions visiting the mines: Some tips

Being an abandoned place, it does not have any security measures. Special care must be taken with the existence of open wells and small cliffs.

Do not enter the inside the ruins, as there is a danger of collapse, especially with wind or rain. If it rains or has rained, we may find a lot of mud since almost the entire route takes place on land. It is a recommended visit for everyone, but you have to take special care when visiting with kids.

A bit of the Mazarron's mining history

Mining is part of the historical and cultural heritage of Mazarrón. It has been one of the basic economic pillars of several settlers of Mazarrón, thanks, in addition to the mineral wealth of the land,  to the possibility of sea shipping.

The first mining operations date from the Bronze Age, although the Romans were the most successful in this enterprise between the second century BC and the second century A.D.

Subsequently, during the Middle Ages, the activities did not reach a large volume judging by archaeological evidence, with a more likely Islamic exploitation taking advantage of existing facilities.

Already in modern times, the mining activity will regain importance focusing on the exploitation of alum (already existing in the background since ancient times) and, later, of the almagra. Metal mining would return to the leading role in contemporary times starting in the nineteenth century until its final cessation in 1969.


¿What was extracted in Mazarron?

Throughout history, iron, lead, silver, copper, zinc, alum and almagra have been extracted in Mazarrón. At the present time, there is no mining in the area, since its cessation due to various causes such as the depletion of resources, the fall in prices of materials that were extracted or the constant flooding of the galleries.

Cómo llegar a las minas de Mazarrón

Access is free and open to the public. It can be accessed from different points. For its ease of access and parking we recommend entering the road that is in RM 607, at the exit of the urban center of Mazarrón.

We will soon add more posts about the history of the mines and other related archaeological sites of Mazarrón and Puerto de Mazarrón.

Visit Mazarron! You will be surprise due to the special places that are here to discover!

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