¿What to do, where to go or what to see in Puerto de Mazarrón?

Here you can find a brief of what you can expect while staying in Sosiego Hostal de Mar

1km around Sosiego

Sosiego is located in the heart of Puerto de Mazarrón, so just a 5 min walk you can find some of the best places in town. Near to our accommodation you can find up to 10 of the best restaurants in the area, from typical Spanish cuisine to the most gourmet, going through fresh fish from our sea to Chinese Wok.

Less than 100 meters you can find the accesss to the marina and beach side walk (paseo maritimo), which are perfect for a quiet walk enjoy the sea, visiting the local shops, eating or drinking in the restaurant and bars or having a delicious ice cream. Even you can have the chance to join a boat trip to watch dolphins and other cetaceans that use to be around the Mazarrón coast

For the more adventurous sea lovers there are two dive centers in the area which provide a lot of offers in training courses of all level, first dive (known as baptism) boat diving trips and rent of diving equipment.

Also, there is the popular option of rent a kayak, SUP paddlesurf, take surf, windsurf or sail lessons.

If you would like to have more cultural tour, you can find the Factoría Romana de Salazones museum, where you can find some interesting information about the ancient Roman that live in the area a few centuries ago. You can visit also the Phoenician Boat Interpretation Centre, to understand more about the arqueological remains found in La Isla beach that belong to two Phoenician wrecks which date back to the VII BC.

Recently added to the cultural offer, you can visit the Lonja de Pescado, the local fish market, where every fisherman sells his daily catches in an auction to the distributors. Everyone can witness this auction, which is very unique and interesting, but only companies are allowed to buy fish there.

The B&B is located in the way to the Lighthouse, which is sited in a piece of natural area inside the town, with some hidden beaches where snorkeling, cliffs over the sea, the viewpoint of Sagrado Corazón, or a short trail that goes to the ancient Santa Elisa iron foundry, a remain from around the year 1900, from where you can enjoy wide views of almost all the Mazarron bay. In this area, we can’t miss also the popular cafeteria El Faro, known by the stunning views of the marina and the beaches and for its delicious shakes and cocktails as well.

You can find the night life of Puerto de Mazarrón in just a few minutes’ walk, but enough far for not disturbing the life in the Hostal, allowing you to have a good rest when you are back.

Highlight as well the fact that in this 1km area there are the beautiful beaches of El Paseo, Rihuete, La Isla, La Ermita y Bahia-La Reya.

5km around Sosiego

In less than 5 km from Sosiego you can find unique spots like Bolnuevo, with its beaches and the widely famous erosions (also known as Gredas or Ciudad Encantada). Also there is the entrance to a long path of natural coves and beaches, perfect for swim in a hidden beach, walk, have a complete sun bath (some beaches are allowed for nudism), enjoy a bike route (preferably mountain bike) or even if we are in cycle-tourism trip we can get the next town, Águilas, enjoying always this beautiful landscape full of wild beaches and mountains. Motor vehicles are not allowed on these natural paths, so it is a very quiet route.

Another interesting route, for hiking or mtb, would be El Cañar, starting from Isla Plana and going through a natural path until Tallante, passing by a small water spring and the stunning views of Peñas Blancas.

As a historical and cultural place of interest, at 5km from us you can find the mines of Mazarrón, a huge abandoned mining complex that will surprise you with a picturesque landscape thanks to the unusual colour of the land in contrast with the abandoned buildings and infrastructure.

Inside this area between 1 and 5 km you can find the beaches of Alamillo, Playa Negra, Mojón to the east, and Nares, Castellar, Las Moreras (dog friendly beach), and Bolnuevo to the west. Counting as well with the small natural coves in Bolnuevo (Cueva Lobos, Playa Amarilla, la Grúa, Cala Leño, Cala Desnuda, between other until arrive to Percheles, the last beach of the municipality of Mazarrón, which is 15km away from the B&B.

Calas de Bolnuevo
Playa La Ermita

Between 15km and 30km from Sosiego

In the middle distance, in a ratius between 15 and 30 km you may find the next coastal small towns like Isla Plana o La Azohía, where you can enjoy the long seaside walk that unite then, arriving until the Santa Elena’s Tower. Or simply enjoy one of the best sunsets you can imagine in one of the bars, chiringuitos (beach bar) or beaches of La Azohía.

You can find also Cabo Tiñoso and Castillitos Battery (Batería de Castillitos). Cabo Tiñoso is a beautiful natural site with several paths and hike routes that end in hidden beautiful coves, unknown to most, such as Boletes or Cala Cerrada. In addition, the sea around Cabo Tiñoso is full of life, as they are protected as Reserva Marina. You can scuba dive there with any of the authorized diving centers of the area (Puerto de Mazarrón and La Azohía).

Always in this area of the regional park of Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tiñoso y Roldán, we find Castillitos, an abandoned military complex that you can visit freely. There are huge fortifications built like medieval castles, and two big cannons that used to defend Cartagena’s Port.

For climbing lovers, in this short distance can be found several interesting climbing spots with pitchs of all levels, for instance, La Azohía wall, el Cañar, Peñas Blancas, Las Moreras, el Cantalar, La Fuente (el Portús) and some others.

Approximately 30km from us, it is Cartagena, an historical and cultural city where you chttps://turismo.cartagena.es/index.asp?idioma=2an visit some of its interesting museums like ARQUA (where lies the remains of the first Phoenician wreck found in Mazarrón), the Roman Theatre or simply enjoy a good walk around the beautiful old town.

Between 30km and 70km from Sosiego

38km from Sosiego there is the Región de Murcia International Airport. Bus connections are available from and to Puerto de Mazarrón every day.

In 70km you can visit Murcia, full of life city, where, in addition to the Cathedral, the river, museums and beautiful squares, you will be surprise by a wide gastronomical and activities offers.

If you have any concern or you are interested in know more about what you have read, just contact us and we will help you in whatever we can!