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¿Did you know the amazing Bolnuevo Erosions?

With Sierra de las Moreras behind and the beach of Bolnuevo in front, we can find the erosions of Bolnuevo, the most famous rock formations of the Costa Cálida, one of the most photographed places.

They are a sample of the enormous power of nature, which has molded the yellow gredas (“greda” is a type of clayey rock) to endow them with these impressive forms.

Also known as Gredas of Bolnuevo or Enchanted City.

A simple explanation to this landscape would be that wind and water have been eroding the mountain, taking with it the weakest layers and leaving the strongest structure. It is known as alveolar erosion or “honeycomb”.

gredas de bolnuevo

It’s not necessary to be a geologist to appreciate the beauty of this place.

Interesting at least, the capricious forms that have emerged during the process that has been running millions of years, acording to the amount of fossils that are embedded from the different periods.

Each one project its fantasy as they want, some like to imagine that they are a landscape from another planet, others that dinosaurs walked around them (we assume that it will be a belief based on the different types of fossils found in the rock, even if they are not dinosaurs).

We are not surprised that it is the setting for all kinds of photographs and reports. The giant mushrooms and the different reliefs allow us to imagine a lot of possibilities, giving rise to different photographs according to the perspective or the light that affects the moment.

Calas de Bolnuevo

In addition, starting on the Enchanted City we can travel several kilometers of coves and natural beaches that, some of them, share the same geological typology, composing forms, although not so impressive, very interesting as well and with great landscape value.

Erosions were declared a Natural Monument of the Region of Murcia in 2019. We hope that thanks to this, its beauty will be recognized and valued even more, as this natural gift deserves.

Don't miss the chance of visiting them!

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